Current Deals

We currently have  the following deals for the month of August and September

Punjab History tour


Tourist will travel to all the major  destinations that include places around Amritsar and Patiala. All 5star hotel(where possible) stays, food and transport will be taken care off..

Duration: 14 days

Cost: US$ 5500 per person


Know your roots

These tours/educational experience is specially designed for younger generation so that they can gain knowledge about life with Punjabi families in Punjab/Delhi. The focus is to know more about their culture and heritage. The individuals stay is organised with local influential families, and a local guide/mentor takes care of all needs.

Duration: These tours are custom designed as per the needs.

Cost: $700 per day(10% discount on duration over 25 days)


Food tour


Travel by foot and see local bazars along with tasting local cuisines of Amritsar and Patiala. Transport and stay is organised in five star facilities where possible.

Duration: Seven days

Cost: $2500 per person



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